• **Free shipping and returns on all orders**
  • **Free shipping and returns on all orders**

About Aphrodite Shapewear

An Era is "a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic." In this case the characteristics we hope to help you find are: happiness and comfort both inside your mind and physically. You have have first known us as "Comfy Era"; we are still the same store just under the name Aphrodite Shapewear now.
Makeup and shapewear enhance what is already there. All the confidence you need is already there, but sometimes we all need a little helping hand. A talisman to give us that feeling we need to do what needs to be done and take action. Let our products be your talisman and empower you to face whatever life throws at you head on and without negative feelings or thoughts.
So now you know a bit about our mission but what about us personally? Some of us see our director as a sage or wise person, always dispensing Mr Miyagi type advice. At the time it is so confusing! But in the end he seems to almost always be right, even if it takes you some time to see it. He always tells us: Shapewear is like makeup for your body. There is no shame in using it to look better, or gain confidence. The shame is only in not doing something because we lack confidence. Use whatever armor or talismans to do what you have always wanted to do. Get those things and do it. We all like to aspire to give people good advice just like our director, but most importantly we love just talking to our customers and improving! As our Mr Miyagi always says: You can get it right, only after many have helped you find the answer. 
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Don't hesitate to contact us at support@aphroditeshapewear.com if you have any questions or problems! From order questions to just a friendly question about a product we will get back to you within 24 hours! So keep an eye on your inbox and make sure we are marked as non spam should our first messages end up in that folder.